Best Universities to get Free Online Degrees in 2023

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Best Universities to get Free Online Degrees in 2023

Are you looking for low-cost or free online degrees? Believe it or not, it can easily happen! There are numerous accredited universities that will allow you to take college courses and even earn a free online degree. Some of these schools may require you to have a natural talent in a particular field, such as music.

However, there are universities that offer studies, like engineering, and a variety of other fields that will definitely interest you.

Free online degrees are now available thanks to all the people who donate to education and the founders of online schools who believe that higher education is a guaranteed right for all!

While college tuition prices increase, prospective students and their families may stress over the ability to afford education after high school.

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However, free online degrees help relieve the anxiety associated with the cost of higher education. Reputable, accredited, and highly ranked institutions now offer tuition-free education for certain demographics of students. Some institutions of higher ed even offer tuition-free options for all, regardless of race, gender, or financial need.

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Free Online Degrees Universities

1-Stanford University

Stanford University was established in 1885 in Stanford, California, and has developed into a prestigious 4-year institution. The university now has about 7,700 financed research projects, as it is known for its prestigious research. This university has so many fields of study such as Business, environmental science, engineering, Psychology, humanities, law, management, and medicine.

Stanford University is dedicated to assisting families that might not be able to pay for their children’s tuition.

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Families with incomes of $65,000 or less do not have to pay any tuition, fees, or boarding, while families with incomes of $150,000 or less are exempt from paying any fees. 70% of undergraduate students receive financial aid of some kind.

Stanford is the sixth-best national university in the nation according to U.S. News and World Report.

So, you now have a great opportunity to study in the US and experience new ways of studying, learning, researching, and taking tests.

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2- Columbia University

Columbia University is situated in New York City, and it is a prestigious 4-year institution.  Students from diverse origins and nationalities can study at this university since it has become one of the largest research centers in the world.

For a wide range of academic careers, Columbia University offers excellent undergraduate and graduate programs. Because of its distinctive financial aid system, Columbia University is one of the top universities that offer free online degrees.

The university makes sure that students are receiving a high education, and they are not required to repay any money back once they graduate.

In addition to offering large financial aid packages, Columbia University does not charge any tuition or fees to families who are earning $60,000 or less.

The university also offers significant discounts on college tuition and fees for families who are making $100,000 or less annually.

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3- Fresenius University

Fresenius University Of Applied Sciences combines innovation and heritage. It offers a variety of online degrees. In order to prepare the upcoming generation of specialists and managers, It is constantly developing its academic programs. 

It had an accreditation system since 2015 and institutional accreditation from the German Council of Science and Humanities in 2016.

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4- University of the people

The first free recognized online university is UoPeople. This university provides free online degrees in both health science and computer science. A 2-year associate’s degree, 4-year bachelor’s degree, or an MBA can all be completed online.

This university is recognized by The Council for Higher Education Accreditation, the Distance Education Accrediting Commission, and the United States Department of Education.

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The mission of the University of the People is to make higher education accessible to individuals who might not be able to afford it.

Even though UoPeople is a tuition-free institution, each applicant must pay a $60 application processing fee. Additionally, it charges an exam processing fee of $100 for each taken exam. There are 20 tests that must be passed for the Associate’s Degree, and each one costs $2000.

The 40 tests for the bachelor’s degree program cost $4000 each. To individuals who might not be able to afford the tests, UoPeople does provide scholarships.

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5- University of Missouri

The University of Missouri presents numerous free online degrees and scholarships.

Students who use the MU Annual Scholarship application will automatically receive a number of scholarships. Tuition and other related costs, including fees, room, and board, are often covered by these scholarships.

The MU Students, who are enrolled in American colleges, are given financial aid through the University of Missouri’s yearly scholarship program.

Online degree programs are a movement that makes education courses available to everyone. It’s now easier to study a bachelor’s degree or study a bachelor’s degree online from anywhere in the world.

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free online degrees

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6- Massachusetts Information of Technology

Another university that provides free online degrees is MIT. You receive your education through OpenCourseWare, which includes online textbooks and audio/video courses.

MIT makes its whole curriculum available to the public, instead of selecting just a few courses. It also offers Faculty Teaching Insights to its students as an additional educational level. This was made to provide you with a better understanding of the things you are studying from the points of view of the instructors.

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7- The University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge has partnered with Apple to create its tuition-free college available on iTunes U. This educational opportunity allows you to download both audio and video versions of courses.

To download these classes, students need to download iTunes; however, you do not need to have an Apple product as long as you have a media player that will play MP4 videos or AAC audio files.

These free online college courses are gathered from public videos, podcasts, lectures, and other educational costs. You can take free online courses in art, science, philosophy, and more. However, you do not have the opportunity to earn any certificate or diploma with these free online college courses.

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If you don’t have time to take classes on campus anymore, whether you’re a full-time working professional or a new parent, free online degrees are the best choice for you.

Your time is too precious to waste in class. The real work of learning takes place outside the classroom, where it’s easier to digest information that comes in small bits and pieces throughout the day, over several weeks or months rather than all at once.

If you are unsure about your higher education options, you can also consider free online degrees. This is an excellent opportunity for you if you have already out of your financial aid or have limited resources available.

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The concept of free online degrees benefits both the student who wishes to pursue a degree and the educational institution as well. Free online degrees are logistically feasible for educational institutions and can be beneficial for students at the same time!

Even with the cost of education being reduced or eliminated, you still need to be aware that you will have other expenses once you start attending college. Tuition and fees are just one of many that you should be taking into consideration before deciding which free online degrees are a good fit for you. But keep in mind that online studying also have some drawbacks, know more about the negative side of studying online master degree, to get all your goods and bad listed.

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