Hospitality and Tourism Management Bachelor’s-Everything You Need to Know

Bachelors in Hospitality and Tourism Management
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Hospitality and Tourism Management Bachelor’s-Everything You Need to Know

It’s no surprise why some would choose to specialize in a bachelors in hospitality and tourism management. It’s a perfect blend of the best aspects of both business and entertainment, allowing you to be the manager of establishments such as restaurants, entertainment industry, travel industry and hotels. When you work in spaces like these, it feels more like a never ending vacation rather than a job-and at times, it definitely does feel like that.

They need an inherent understanding of business for a successful career in hospitality and tourism management, so choosing to study business would be a good choice for those interested in the career but whom are choosing to still study a bachelor’s degree. However, for those who want to specialize right away, jumping right into a bachelor’s degree of hospitality and tourism management is a more than viable option.

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Best Programs for Hospitality and Tourism Management

To get a high-quality job, you need a high-quality program. Here are some universities which offer top notch education in the field for those looking to study a master’s degree:


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Eu Business School

A common trend you’ll find among the schools who offer a master in this field is that they tend to be business schools-kind of goes in tandem with the whole “business masters are the best entrance to the field” point. And one of these business schools that more than excels expectations in terms of education is the EU Business School. This school has an answer to any educational wants or desires you could have. Want a varied option of countries to study your masters at? The institution has campuses in many spaces, including Munich, Montreux, Geneva, Barcelona and even a fully online campus. Hoping to learn a new language in your off time? Their campuses have students from over a hundred nationalities on average, and each student claiming to be fluent in at least three languages. Want some ratings so you can be sure of the university’s quality? It’s got high rankings overall-ranked #1 by the EU for best business school overall (and #2 in Spain), considered the 6th best business school worldwide for female students, won multiple awards from the QS Stars in Excellence in Business Administration and so on. Honestly, the whole place is a textbook definition of a quality university.

You can find more info on their master’s program here. Keep in mind that this particular one is based in Munich, so those looking to study in Germany should pay attention. Alternatively, if you’re still a bachelor and know for sure you want to be in this field, they’re also offering a bachelor program.

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Aspire Business School of Barcelona

Imagine everything I said about the last school, but it applies to a university in Spain instead. That’s essentially what you’re getting with the Aspire Business School of Barcelona. They’ve got it all-flexible learning hours for those with busy lives outside of education, accredited by many universities abroad and help their students with getting a job once they graduate from their institutions with helpful services such as job fairs, seminars, workshops, internship programs and so on. A solid choice overall for those looking to study in Spain.

You can find more info on their masters program here.

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C3S Business School Barcelona

Another quality school located in, once again, Barcelona of Spain, this school offers much of the same things that the last two schools offer-quality education, good assistance in finding jobs, high rankings in both student satisfaction and placements for both internships and full-time jobs after graduation. I’m not going to go into too much detail since I’d just be repeating myself, but you can rest assured that this university has the Uniapp Stamp of Approval.

You can find more info on their master’s program here.

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Hospitality and Tourism Management Jobs

So that’s the best programs for the specialization money can get. But there’s no point in wasting it all on an education if you can’t get a good paying job with it, right? So, without further ado, here are some of the top paying jobs in the industry:

Airport Manager

Annual Salary: $66,692

It doesn’t come as a shocker that airports are extremely important in the realm of transportation and logistics. If the planes shut down then people can’t go to places and good can’t be delivered, which is surely going to put a stall on everything. Your job is to ensure that said stalling never happens in the first place-hiring and training airport personnel and monitor activities relating to security, customer service and customer amenities. Airport managers also ensure that the airlines that collaborate with their airport follow FAA guidelines. As the name implies, this career will involve a lot of managing so specializing your bachelor’s degree towards a field that emphasizes that skillset (i.e. business) will benefit you in this career.

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Resort Manager

Annual Salary: $53,125

This is for those that want their job to be the never-ending vacation I talked about earlier. The name is self-explanatory: your work will consist of overseeing daily activities at resort facilities. This typically includes monitoring housekeeping activities, resort finances, marketing materials, upkeep and maintenance and guest satisfaction. Like the last job, management is an important aspect here so a bachelors degree which specializes in that will help you greatly.

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Director of Housekeeping

Annual Salary: $54,33

Same concept as the last job above, but instead of working with the resort itself and the guests that visit it you will focus more on the housekeeping staff and other groundskeeping facilities. Hiring and firing is the name of the game in this job-namely for the janitors, maid and other people who will keep the resort in a clean state. Monitoring the inventory supply for cleaning supplies, towels, bedsheets and other guest amenities is also a vital part of your job. This job will require good interpersonal skills as well as the ability to read people and determine what they have to offer in the company, as well as being able to keep track of supplies. So the trend continues with a bachelor’s in business being the most beneficial here.

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Pastry Chef

Annual Salary: $34,901

Contrary to what you believe, the master’s in hospitality and tourism management doesn’t exclude you only to management-some people would rather get into the action itself than dictate how it goes from a fancy desk. The occupation of a pastry chef is simple-you make pastries and desserts for restaurants, bakeries and similar establishments. There are plenty of management positions you can get in the food industry too such as a café manager or owner of a food truck. I just wanted to emphasize that not every job you can get with this degree has to involve managing. A job as a chef means you’ll be cooking, so naturally a master’s degree in that field is going to help you immensely.

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Hospitality and Tourism Management Skill Requirements

If you’re looking at the jobs listed above and thinking that an occupation in this field is just going to be a never-ending vacation, then you are dead wrong. You will quickly come to know that experiencing a vacation and organizing it are two VERY different things.

Keeping up with all of the factors needed to maintain a cozy vacation resort requires fast thinking and ability to adapt to an ever changing and dynamic field. And if you can’t do that, then are dozens, if not hundreds of others willing to do it instead of you-it’s a very competitive field.

So, without further ado, here are some of the top skills you should emphasize on building if you want to excel at a career in hospitality and tourism management.

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Given the fast paced nature of this job, communicating what you need or want to be done effectively and quickly is of utmost importance. Let’s say you’re at a resort and the supply of towels is desperately low. You try to contact someone for a new batch but due to poor communication skills you are either unable to do so or, worse, convey an entirely different message. Now not only do the residents not have any towels, they might suddenly be getting batches of surprise chocolate cakes which they did not order for. It is not the best look for the company.

Admittedly, the example is a bit far-out, but you get the idea. Relaying what you need in a clear manner is key to keep everything running smoothly.

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Interpersonal skills

This is in the same vain as the ‘communication’ skill listed above, only instead of talking with staff you’ll be talking with the customers. A likable personality and good listening skills is essential if you want to do anything with them-convince them your resort is better than the competition, listen to their grievances and respond in kind, answer whatever questions they have no matter how dumb you think they are. If you master this skill, you’ll have customers ending their stay at the resort already thinking of the next trip they’ll take there.

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Handling stress

This is a given for any job, but in this field of work, it is a necessity. You’ll need to be able to keep your cool in a variety of situations where things don’t go to plan-an accident happened, and a customer gets injured, some supplies you thought would be delivered weren’t and now you have to improvise, the customer complaining to you about his issues with the resort took the ‘customer is always right’ policy a little too far and is now shouting at your face. Whatever the case, keeping yourself calm and not freaking out is vital if you want to make a career in this business.

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Problem solving

If you want to just get by, then you’d be content with only the three skills above. However if you truly want to excel in this field then problem-solving skills are mandatory. It’s not just enough to sit around and slack off and let upper management do all the thinking; you need to be out there actively finding solutions for problems. Management tends to look at the employees who have actual brain cells and use them for promotion candidates, so don’t slack off in that department and show them you can be self-sufficient in that department.

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And there you have it-everything you need to know, get into the field of hospitality and tourism management. For those who want to blend fun and work, this is THE career for you. And if you want to find out more about it, be sure to check out UniApp.

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