Interesting Facts about Online Master’s degrees

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Interesting Facts about Online Master’s degrees

Online master’s degrees are becoming more and more popular among students and this popularity is only increasing as time goes on. Students may choose to study online master’s degrees because they are more flexible and because they teach virtual communication and technology skills. They can also make friends all over the world where they are sitting in their own place. Here are some interesting facts about online master’s degrees that you might not know. 

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Online master’s degrees are offered at many universities

Many universities offer online degrees, although you may believe it. Some universities even only offer online programs. However, many regular universities also offer online master’s degree programs alongside their regular physical degree courses. You should always try to pick a university that has good online degrees or has experience with them so that you get a good educational experience. 

online master's degree

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Online master’s degrees are a double-edged sword

Online master’s degrees are a double-edged sword, meaning there are both advantages and disadvantages to them. There are many advantages to studying online such as flexible schedules. You can study your online master’s degree and still work and commit to your personal life and relationships. There’s also the chance to have online discussions at any time and place on your online groups.

Another benefit is the fact that you can learn on your own pace and go back and restudy anything that you didn’t properly understand. You can also easily go back and revise information whenever you feel the need to do so.You can also skip lectures with information you are already well versed in so that you don’t waste your precious time. A last benefit is having the chance to make friends with many people worldwide, a more diverse bunch than you would probably find in a physical course. It’s as if you chose to study in the UK, US and Germany all at once! 

However, as previously mentioned, there are also negatives to studying online master’s degrees. You need to be a very proactive person when studying an online course because if you aren’t, you might have coursework and projects build up on you and fall behind. Due to the flexibility, if you aren’t able to motivate yourself, it’s easy to fail or become incredibly stressed and pressured. Some people also learn better when they are with people in person. They may need to interact with their professors directly or have their teaching assistants scribble on a piece of paper to help them understand better. The technical issues faced through technology is another disadvantage as this could disrupt a course and cause major problems to you.

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You can save some major bucks

A fact that you might not know is that online master’s degrees can save you money. By studying online, you don’t have to move and can save costs like accomodation costs. Online courses typically cost around the same as regular courses but you can save yourself the cost of living in a new place and having to pay for extra utilities and travel costs. You might also be able to get in-state fees during the time you are studying out of state. You can also study in any country university of your dreams virtually with very low tuition fees. 

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Admission requirements are identical to physical masters

Although you might think it’s more complicated, or the opposite and more simple, admission requirements for online courses are exactly the same as physical masters. They both need you to have study a bachelor’s degree in a related field and a good GPA in your bachelor program. Language proficiency results may be needed for either type of courses, depending on your experience with the language the course is in. Both might require prerequisite courses and some may also need previous work. Examples of courses that need previous work may be arts courses like graphic design or interior design, or architecture. 

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They can be accredited or not

Some online degrees are accredited and some are not. Some programs try to scam students by offering degree programs that aren’t accredited and are therefore a waste of time, energy and money. You should look for degree programs that are accredited at good universities. These universities should have passed accreditation tests by a trusted third party. They need to have passed international education standards and earned this accreditation that is approved all over the world. Before deciding to join a degree program online, always double check that it’s accredited by a trustable organisation. 

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Interacting online with professors and colleagues is simple

Although it might seem daunting to pursue an online degree as you might feel like interacting is complicated or you might not be able to reach your professors, Teaching Assistants or peers, this isn’t true at all. Even though there may be some exceptions ot the rule, getting a hold of professors and fellow students is simple in today’s interconnected world. You can reach out to them through emails, texting, online forums and through online communication and learning platforms like Google Classroom or Slack.  

If you are worried about how virtual communication will occur, you can always double check beforehand how they handle it. The university should help ensure that clear lines of communication are open between both professors and students and students and their fellow students and teammates. 

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Online master’s degrees are growing in popularity

Finally, as previously mentioned, more and more students are choosing to study online degrees today. As everyone uses technology more and more, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic, those who are admitted to online programs are becoming more numerous day to day. This will increase as more and more collaboration tools become more advanced and more readily accessible. As there is better software programs, faster internet and more phone and computer applications, more and more online courses will be made available to students and that means that a bigger number of students will be interested in them. Virtual classrooms will become more and more popular, and maybe one day physical classrooms will become obsolete!  

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In conclusion, online master’s degrees are becoming a good option for many students, with numerous ones considering them for their higher education degrees. However, these programs are a double edged sword so before joining one, you should check that it goes along with your interests and personality. It’s also important to check they are accredited by a valid entity to avoid becoming scammed. If you don’t know if the university is legit or not, UniApp has your back! 

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