Top 5 Political Science Master’s Degree Schools in Europe in 2023

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Top 5 Political Science Master’s Degree Schools in Europe in 2023

Politics is one of the most prestigious majors to study as you go on to respectable career paths like diplomatic relations or international relations, among other concentrations. Many students choose to study a political science master’s degree so that they can become more well versed in the subject, or if they want to make a career shift to this subject area. But what are the best schools in Europe to pursue a political science master’s degree at if you want to study in Europe? Here are the top 6 schools in Europe to pursue your political science master’s degree in 2023.

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Top 6 political science master’s degree schools in Europe in 2023 

If you want to pursue a political science master’s degree in Europe you’ll want to know which are the best schools in Europe to pursue the degree at. You’ll get to choose from different study locations such as in the UK or the Netherlands, among many other top study destinations. Read on to learn about the top 6 political science master’s degree schools in Europe for the year 2023. 

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1. The University of Oxford

Location: the UK

The best school in Europe to study a master’s degree in political science is the University of Oxford. The school has a special approach for master’s programs that allows students to be taught individually or in small groups, as well as taught in big seminars. This means the learning experience is varied and unique. The Department of Politics & International Relations offers an excellent selection of political science master’s degrees such as the Master’s of Arts in Political Theory, the Master’s of Arts in International Relations and the Master’s of Arts in Politics Research. After studying these degree programs, alumni will receive a good understanding of political institutions that can help kickstart their careers after graduation, no matter what the job path they decide to pursue. 

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2. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Location: the UK

The second best political science master’s degree program in Europe is found at the London School of Economics, abbreviated as the LSE. The school is ranked in the top schools in the world for the subject of political science. It offers several master’s programs in different subject areas. Topics of these political science master’s degree programs include programs in Global Politics, Politics and Communication, and several other subjects. Students can choose to study the degree either on campus or through a distance learning program. Students can also choose to study a part-time or full-time master’s degree, depending on the duration of time they wish to complete the program in.  

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3. University of Cambridge

Location: the UK

Another option for those who want to study in the UK for their political science master’s degree is the renowned University of Cambridge.  Students can study a wide variety of global issues in the field of political science and related fields, such as topics like climate change, gender equality, world health and the global political economy. Students who graduate from the distinguished Department of Politics and International Studies are bred to be changemakers who work in major entities like NGOs, government bodies and diplomatic entities, as well as many more areas. The school offers several master’s degree programs such as the Public Policy master’s program and the Politics and International Studies master’s degree program. Students of the school get to interact with and work with people from other schools such as with students who chose to study a law master’s degree or one in the fields of History, Psychology or Economics. 

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4. University College London

Location: the UK 

The University College of London has the 4th best political science master’s degree program in Europe, ranking top in the areas of research and in the subject of political science.  It is known for having a unique and innovative approach to teaching and research. The school offers several political science master’s degrees in exciting political fields such as the Master’s of Arts in Administration and Management, the Master’s of Arts in Global Governance and Ethics and the Master’s of Arts in Human Rights, as well as several other renowned degrees. Students who choose to pursue programs at this school will graduate with a well-rounded knowledge of politics and expert knowledge of the topic of their specialization. 

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5. The University of Amsterdam

Location: the Netherlands

The political science master’s degree program offered at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands ranks at number 5 in the list of the best ones in Europe. Perfect for those who choose to study in the Netherlands, the Political science program offers a general dive into political science topics and how social, economic and political changes affect local, national, European and then cosmopolitan governance. Students then choose one of six specialization tracks including topics such as International Relations and Political Theory.

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For example, students who choose to study the International Relations track will study topics like war and peace, the global economy, justice and identity worldwide They will also be taught to analyze connections and relations between different countries, international organizations and entities and between citizens. The track focuses on interactions at local, national, and supranational levels. Examples of hot topics studied during this track include the topic of Brexit and the threat of sanctions for Venezuela, as well as many up-and-coming topics. 

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On the other hand, students who pick the Political Theory track will study topics related to Political Theory. They will also study applied philosophy using theoretical, practical and analytical approaches. Students are encouraged to analyze and ponder current political situations and bodies of social and political thought.

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6. Webster Vienna Private University

Location: Austria 

The final best school for a political science master’s degree is the Webster Vienna Private University. The school offers a great program for those who want to study international relations. The program prepares students for leadership positions in many different fields such as those in the international diplomatic, professional and academic communities. The program is taught by researchers and lecturers who are internationally recognized. Students learn to analyze great powers’ politics, humanitarian issues, and international political economy issues. They also learn about hot topics like International Security, European Integration, EU-Asia Relations, Terrorism and Energy Security. It also has a unique track in International Law and Politics of Outer Space, as well as in Monetary Relations. 

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Career paths after political science master’s degree 

After graduating from one of the top political science master’s degree programs in Europe, you might want to know what are the possible career paths for you. Because master’s are typically a big investment, you may want to also learn what the average salaries are for each of these career paths. In this section, we discuss the various paths you can choose to take after graduation from your postgraduate degree. From working as a lobbyist to working as a journalist, UniApp has you covered with all the necessary details! 

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political science master's degreeHere are some of the top career paths you can choose to pursue after your degree: 

  • Lobbyist: The main responsibilities of this job role include talking to politicians and affecting government decisions that can benefit your clients. They also conduct in-depth research to understand regulations and legislation relating to these decisions, as well as discuss lobbying techniques with their clients and effectively carry them out. 

Average salary: 87,400 USD annually 

  • Policy Analyst: The job roles of a policy analyst include monitoring and assessing policies to see if they have a negative or positive impact on clients. They also prepare reports for clients and hand in policy clarification documents to them. Furthermore, they analyse data and find trends that relate to policies so they can figure out whether to support or stop policies from happening. 

Average salary: 67,500 USD annually 

  • Political Campaign Manager: The political campaign manager develops campaigns for political parties or politicians to help promote them and influence the largest number of voters possible. They also handle budgeting and see which campaign activities require a bigger budget allocation to be successful. They might also try out new campaigns and technologies and analyze their effectiveness. 

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Average salary: 60,500 USD annually 

  • Public Relations (PR) Specialist: Job responsibilities for this career path include formulating promotions and then sharing them on the media channel that the client chooses to promote themselves. They also write answers to official questions or choose someone to do so. Finally, they organize press conferences and other important events.  

Average salary: 58,300 USD annually

  • Market Research Analyst: Job responsibilities of a market research analyst include assessing markets and seeing the sales potential of products or services offered. They also check out the progress of research projects and see how obstacles can be overcome. Finally, they present the results in an in-depth report for clients in a way that is easy to understand. 

Average salary: 57,500 USD annually

  • Paralegal: Paralegals do many different tasks, such as administrative tasks like billing, writing letters, organizing meetings and calendars for themselves and important professionals and sorting files. They also write drafts and proofread documents that other lawyers or professionals have written to make sure they are correct. They might also write reports and carry out legal research for other professionals.

Average salary: 47,800 USD annually

  • Journalist: Finally, Journalists research and find out information about news or events and then write them into stories. They also edit and review stories and make changes to them. Furthermore, they might collaborate with editors to create new content that is interesting and engaging. 

Average salary: 40,000 USD annually

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In conclusion, there are many great degree programs in Europe for those who want to pursue a political science master’s degree. From Oxford University to Webster Vienna Private University, you can find the degree program of your dreams with the specialization you are passionate about in the country you have always wanted to study at. Political Science master’s degree program graduates also have many rewarding career paths in diverse areas such as working as a lobbyist or paralegal or journalist, so you can truly choose something you are good at.

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